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Academics and Scholarship
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Category Contents Notes
Admission After enrolling in courses receive tuition fee statement→ Send tuition to specified bank→ Receive payment receipt Students exempted of tuition fees must also receive a confirmation of payment.
Grade and attendance Assessment: exams, reports, assignments and presentations, attendance Students who have been absent for more than two-thirds of total classes are not eligible to take course exams. Visa cancellation and extension cancel are possible for students with long-term absences. Attendance management is required.
Academic Probation Students with average GPA of less than 1.75 (Grades from summer/winter classes not included) Disadvantages: Limitations on future course enrollment, dismissal upon three semesters on academic probation
Leave of absence and Return How to Apply Apply for leave or return on the integrated information system. → Notify the Office of International Education (visit, telephone)  
When to Apply During the period set by the Undergraduate Support Department (two months before each semester)
Reasons for Dismissal Automatic dismissal Failing to return after leave of absence or register, exceeding limit of enrolled semesters  
Dismissal of students on academic probation Three consecutive, four total semesters on academic probation(excluding students who have fulfilled graduation requirements)
Other notes Please notify the Office of Global Education upon change of personal information Address, contact, nationality, enrollment status, etc.
Scholarship Policies
Category Eligibility Award Amount
Undergraduate Upon entrance (first semester) TOPIK Level 4(TOEFL iBT 80 or above) + Application Review and Interview: B 50% of tuition
TOPIK Level 5(TOEFL iBT 90 or above) + Application Review and Interview: B Full tuition
TOPIK Level 6(TOEFL iBT 100or above) + Application Review and Interview: A Full tuition+ boarding expenses
During attendance Average GPA 3.0 50% of tuition
Average GPA 3.5 Full tuition
Average GPA 3.8 Full tuition+ boarding expenses
Graduate Upon entrance (first semester) Merit based(holistic review  of application including language ability, undergraduate transcript, academic plans, etc.) Support within 50%~100% of tuition
During attendance Average GPA 3.5 or above Support within 50%~100% of tuition
※ Program fees are excluded from scholarship. Scholarship selection criteria and award details may change. Please refer to the application guide for details.
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